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About Me

Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
I am a Los Angeles based creative with a passion for collaborative storytelling. Being a result oriented problem solver, I take an idea from concept to product, offering an unmatched level of exuberance and expertise in all fields, whether it's Development, Production or Post Production. I work with you to find that unique perspective while providing support to ensure your creative vision.  
As a Director, I am a driven creative leader, shaping both the filmmaking craft and performances into a concert of motion imagery and sound. I treat each project with careful, capable hands, and  come equipped with formal directing training from the American Film Institute Conservatory. I understand the intricacies of crafting a performance to tell the right story while providing a safe and comfortable set for the performers and crew. 
 As a Producer, I am able to take your concepts and execute it's needs with the right people to deliver, on time, the right end-product. I bring Above-The-Line experience from a vast array of projects, from low end to high end, and coupled with my strong creative leadership, am able to bring your ideas to life. 
With over a decade spent as an Editor and Visual Effects Artist on Music Videos, Shorts, Commercials and Features, I am always able to see the specific needs of a project to help ensure your work on set is seen, heard and felt in the end product. When I'm in the Editor's Chair, my strong sense of storytelling and performance enables me to not only help tell your story, but utilize your creative needs and wants in the best way possible. 
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